This website was created in 2011 to showcase the hilarity that is the McGill Daily. Why is it so funny you might ask? Is it not a thoughtful, critical newspaper that challenges the status quo?

In a word, no.

The McGill Daily, were it to be taken seriously, should be considered an embarrassment to the McGill University community.

That is why, out of respect to them, we can only consider themselves comedians! The articles they post cannot be serious.

We’re here, to present the most hilarious ones.




The Daily Jokes, in production for 100 years, is the only satirical student newspaper critic on campus at McGill University and is entirely run by volunteers, unlike the McGill Daily. Currently, we publish when ever we feel like it.

To get involved, drop by our offices in room B-24 of the Death Star and talk to any of our editors, give us a call at (514) jokes, or email us at generic email here or at one of our section-specific addresses. You can also come to section meetings in our office, B-24 Death Star.

No experience required, just enthusiasm.

Please note that we do may or may not publish over the summer.


“‘Why is The Daily Jokes so Funny?’
Asked the pessimist sourly.
‘Thank God,” said the optimist gaily,
‘”It’s so accurate!!’”
– A.H.M. Broom, The wooden oak, 2011

The Daily Jokes (henceforth The Daily), at one time the newest satircial student blog in the Commonwealth, has been the training ground for generations of journalists since its inception in 2011.

Currently the smallest satirical student jokespaper in Canada and the most narrowly read, The Daily has a weekly circulation of 0 together with its francophone sister publication, Le Délit Humours. The Daily began as a broadsheet that focused mainly on jokes news. Its evolution has taken many directions. It has taken courageous stands over the years, such as mocking established student newspapers that publish propaganda, that are pretty much embraced by the large majority of cognizant people.


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